Bring your team together again

Drop-in audio and video rooms are your place to meet, talk, and collaborate on the fly. With conversations a click away, teams feel more connected and get more done.

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Sidebar online
Used by great teams

“We set up a war room for 40 people from different teams to coordinate on a big initiative. People loved hopping around. I’m not sure how we would have done it without Sidebar.”

Shannon Goggin
CEO at Noyo

“Part of what made being in-person special was serendipity: unstructured and unplanned collaboration. I love how Sidebar brings that back.

Joyce Zhang Gray
CEO at Alariss

“All the docs and dashboards we use for our sales meeting are stored in the meeting room. We don't have to start from scratch each time we have a meeting.”

Nanxi Liu
Founder at Enplug

“This is amazing. People want to catch up and feel closer to their colleagues during the day. It removes the isolation of Zoom.”

Sarah LaFleur
CEO at M.M. Lafleur

“Sidebar gives us a lot more flexibility to organize how we work. And it’s brought back the micro-conversations that happened in the office.

Matt Roseman
Senior Director of Product
at Jam City

“We do worry about culture and how teams collaborate remotely. Sidebar makes it all much easier. You don’t have to think. It feels obvious.”

Lior Abraham
Co-founder at Scuba

Work together in
a shared digital space

Meet, collaborate, and hang out in an open virtual office. See who's around and talk with a click.

Sidebar screen

Create flexible spaces for every type of interaction

War rooms

Keep your team communicating seamlessly during major launches, transactions, and critical responses.

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Gather on audio or low-fatigue video. Hear colleagues banter in the background, then press ‘m’ to jump in on mic.


Social hours

Break into groups and circulate with a click.



Start in the auditorium with the speakers on stage, then move to the lounge to mingle.



Prepare meeting rooms with all the files and media you need. Keep notes in a shared doc and draw on shared screens.


Workshops and brainstorming

No need to put people in breakouts. Participants can seamlessly move between rooms.

Sales training day

Communicate spontaneously and organically


Impromptu gatherings build team culture

Keep the conversation flowing with rooms that let teammates gather quickly in groups. Brainstorm over coffee, debrief after a meeting, or just hang out.

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Instant collaboration speeds up innovation

Not every conversation needs to be scheduled. Knock on a colleague's door to talk. No waiting around.

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Meet in a dedicated workspace

Apps and docs

Your apps and docs live where you meet

Collaborate without having to send links or search for files. All your stuff is right where you need it. Take notes on shared docs and draw on shared screens.

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Voice and video designed for the remote-first office

Meetings and breakouts


Host meetings with up to 100 participants. With one click, break into clusters to talk. Perfect for collaborating in groups or mingling after a meeting.



Easily switch to voice or minimal video for working sessions with shared screens and whiteboards.

Co-working and war rooms


Join a room on listen mode to stay in touch while colleagues chat or problem-solve in the background. Jump in on mic whenever you're needed.

Company events


Sidebar works for more than the 9 to 5. Create custom event spaces for team happy hours, networking sessions, holiday parties, and more.

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More great features...


Low-fatigue video

Control how big your video appears to yourself and others. It combats meeting exhaustion while allowing you to still be present.


Talk in clusters

Within rooms, you can break into smaller groups to talk while still seeing the rest of the team. It’s like mingling in a real life venue.


Privacy when you need it

We love a transparent office, but sometimes you need to talk privately. Just click ‘private call’ and your conversation won’t be visible to anyone else.


Progressive web app

Our progressive web app takes a split second to install and sits alongside your other apps for easy access. You can also use Sidebar in your browser.


Encrypted and secure

Calls are established with 256-bit TLS encyrption and protected by AES-128 encryption. Audio, video, and screen-sharing data are hosted on AWS and is never stored.


Integrated with Slack

Get notifications about Sidebar activity directly in Slack, so you never miss a knock or a conversation.